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Kurt Vance & Family
P. O. Box 399
Newland, NC 28657
1-800-648-2815   Cell: 828-387-0228

Merry Christmas From Christmas Tree Hill Nursery


We, the Kurt Vance family, own and operate Christmas Tree Hill Nursery. Located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in Avery County, we have been growing North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees for over 25 years.

Our North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas tree is the most popular Christmas tree species for many reasons. First, the strong limbs gracefully support your favorite ornaments. Also, the Fraser Fir has a fragrance that is like no other tree. The needle retention of the Fraser Fir is the best of any Christmas tree species. Its dark-green color makes it one of the most beautiful trees to have in your home and decorate. The Fraser Fir's qualities combine to make it the all-around perfect Christmas tree.

We take pride in the quality of our products and in the way we treat each customer. Our diverse product line includes North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees, Norway spruce, white pine and various ornamentals. At our retail store, we also carry a full line of nursery products and supplies.

From our premium North Carolina Fraser Fir Christmas trees to our Norway spruce, we have quality products to meet all your shrubbery and landscaping needs.

To order or to receive a price list please call 1-800-648-2815 or e-mail us at Minimum order 100 trees or 100 wreaths.

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